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Youth Relations, Delinquency, Prevention and Enforcement

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Collier County Sheriff's Office Youth Relations


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Our Youth and Delinquency Services Division are divided into two bureaus.


Deputies are assigned to elementary, middle, and high schools as a resource for students, parents and faculty. Daily they make presentations in the classrooms and maintain security on campus. 

Special programs are provided to fourth and fifth grade students.

  • Fourth graders are enrolled in the Junior Deputy program, where they see monthly presentations and are treated to Junior Deputy Fair Day. 

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  • Fifth graders are taught DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education).  This program is effective in helping our youth resist the pressure and temptation to experiment with drugs.

The CCSO Explorer program is open to high school students 14 and older.  Being an Explorer gives the student an opportunity to learn about CCSO and law enforcement as a career.


This unit is staffed with deputies who are specially trained in handling at-risk youth.

SHOCAP – Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program
This program monitors juveniles who have committed crimes and are on court-ordered community control. 

Juvenile Civil Citation – This is a pre-arrest diversion program that allows kids who have committed first-time misdemeanors to perform community service work instead of being charged with the crime. 

Street Gang Unit – This unit is responsible for tracking the nearly 1,000 gang members and associates in Collier County.

Drug Court – If it has been determined that drugs are a factor in a child’s life, he or she can be required by probation to attend a weekly meeting, for at least a year, called Drug Court. This meeting is led by a panel of people, including a CCSO representative, who monitor each child’s behavior